How we think and how we feel

How we feel has a very direct impact on how we think. There is, of course, a reciprocal relationship between thinking and feeling. How we think affects how we feel; and how we feel affects how we think. But if thinking and feeling engaged in an arm wrestle, feeling would win every time. This is why feeling, rather than thinking, is really the primary determinant of what we do.

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Sjá líka


“Harmonize the public sphere of politics, carrier, and business, with private sphere of family, health and home”

The Integral Life Ken Wilber and Corvey deVos

We can use a Holon as a whole in whole to analyze this subject. More activities in companies raise questions if the influence is broad enough and if the government policy is actually working or is it only superstition?

An Interview director of ” Diversity, Equality and Inclusion” at Mercer, Angela Berg,
Global Finance 02 2021

“Really bold new actions are needed, and that takes leaders acknowledging that to actually progress and have change around DEI in the future requires new behaviors and mindsets”.

Angela Berg at Mercer

The director Angela Berg thinks we need to understand the situation in companies and look at this from many perspectives, not only statistic, from hiring but also promotions and if companies hold women as they hold men. To succeed there is a need for a new mindset and to find new ways.

New ways to cooperate are many now, distant work and virtual teams to name a few. There is much development in software for virtual teams for instance at Microsoft, they connect Teams (video meetings) and Project management to make it more lively, for better integration and cooperation.

Remember we work both with our minds and our hearts.

How is the worldview? Is there really equality?

Iceland has a high score but.

In Iceland there have been a progress because of governmental policy, there is an important factor, it considers both sexes and equality is both for women and men. Men have now the opportunity to take care of babies at home on salary from government, they meet more understanding regarding children care, take them to sport and stay at home when they are sick along with the mothers. They are also much more active in their household and purchasing. The government has also law for hiring, should hire women if they have the same capability and on companies boards, women should be half of it.

What needs to change so we will have more equality in companies?

The Mindsets needs to change (mental models), there is still a “dominant culture”, the masculine force that wants to dominance, especially in bigger companies. Women are often more willing to cooperate and better team workers, but men are often more direct, more strategic and communicate the strategy better.

We can have more success with integrating this all, good example is the pandemic now and the whole society cooperates to keep away from the virus. Men and women, workplaces, and the society. Also the international society is important, to work together in the western society have been helpful but even more important is to work with women in countries where they are mistreated. In this connection it is important to follow up on the strategies, just like the CEO for Energy consumption OR in Iceland said in an recent interview, they have designed a model to measure progress for the equality policy. (Reference Management union

We need to look at things from a holistic viewpoint and use a Holon, a whole in whole.

The first circle is I and my family

And the next is the organization; the workplace, school or institution.

Next circle is the society.

The outer circle is the world and then comes the Cosmos.

How is this all connected, what influence has the equality on the society, on governance in companies, children grow up and house peace?

What needs to change?