Sustainability Conference in Iceland

A New Reset in the spirit of The World Economic Forum.

The long term view is necessary assumption to tackle the sustainability and there are so many things that need to change, for instance business reporting, the school system and our thought process. Spiral thought is very important for the long term view and to exploit all the resources, have realistic goals. Also the Integral Theory framework to touch all the necessary perspectives of human reality. We need a new worldview and a much broader one.

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From the “Festa” Center for Sustainability, February Newsletter, General Manager Hrund Gunnsteinsdóttir

“The title of this year’s conference was a new beginning in the spirit of the World Economic Forum, B Team and the focus in the Nordic countries, Europe and around the world following COVID-19. The conversation discussed the importance of long-term strategy and measurable goals, change of attitude, innovation and capital as a key driving force towards more sustainable operations and communities. It was stated that short-term thinking, which is reflected, for example, in the view that quarterly results best describe the performance of managers and companies, needs to be reviewed and that performance measures should be based on scientific and measurable long-term sustainability goals. The link between sustainable operations, resilience, adaptability and continuous innovation in companies was also made clear at the conference. The importance of innovation and rationalization in public administration and public institutions was also emphasized. We discussed the values ​​inherent in a rewarding conversation and collaboration between companies and it was emphasized that we give ourselves permission to understand what does not serve sustainable goals. In this context, the emphasis was on showing the courage to redesign or create new systems, products and services, in the New Beginnings.”

Yfirskrift ráðstefnunnar í ár var Nýtt upp­haf í anda World Economic Forum, B Team og áherslna á Norðurlöndunum, í Evrópu og víðar um heim í kjölfar COVID-19. Í samtalinu var rætt um mik­il­vægi lang­tíma stefnu­mörk­un­ar og mæl­an­legra mark­miða, við­horfs­breyt­ingu, nýsköpun og á fjármagn sem lyk­il-hreyfiafl í átt að sjálfbærari rekstri og samfélögum. Fram kom að skamm­tíma­hugs­un, sem birt­ist til dæm­is í því við­horfi að árs­fjórð­ungs­upp­gjör lýsi best frammi­stöðu stjórn­enda og fyr­ir­tækja, þyrfti að end­ur­skoða og að frekar ætti að byggja ár­ang­urs­mæl­ingar á vís­inda­leg­um og mæl­an­leg­um sjálf­bærni mark­mið­um til lengri tíma. Tengsl­in á milli sjálf­bærs rekst­urs, seiglu, að­lög­un­ar­hæfni og stöð­ugr­ar ný­sköp­un­ar hjá fyr­ir­tækj­um komu einnig skýrt fram á ráð­stefn­unni. Mik­il­vægi ný­sköp­un­ar og hagræðingar í stjórn­sýslu og hjá op­in­ber­um stofn­un­um var einnig und­ir­strik­uð.  Við ræddum verðmætin sem eru fólgin í gjöfulu sam­tali og sam­starfi á milli fyr­ir­tækja og yfirvalda og lögð var áhersla á að við gef­um okk­ur leyfi til að skilja við það sem ekki þjón­ar sjálf­bær­um mark­mið­um. Í því samhengi var lögð áhersla á að sýna hugrekki til að end­ur­hanna eða skapa ný kerfi, vör­ur og þjón­ustu, í Nýju upp­hafi.


Are people who care about themselves, better leaders and why?

Harvard Business Review Article

Self-compassion will make you a better leader

by Rich Fernandez and Steph Stern

And webinar

Featuring Rich Fernandez, CEO of the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute (SIYLI), and Steph Stern, a director at SIYLI. Complimentary Webinar Thursday, February 18, 12 p.m. EST Leaders make hard decisions every day. And these decisions require vision, mental clarity, emotional balance, and fortitude. But during times of uncertainty and disruption, leaders can feel overwhelmed […]

Why is Compassion so important?

Try to Google and you will have many answers, but here is what we found.

The qualities of compassion

Qualities of compassion are patience and wisdom; kindness and perseverance; warmth and resolve. It is often, though not inevitably, the key component in what manifests in the social context as altruism.”

According to His Holiness Dalai Lama who is very compassionate spiritual leader, we live together in a society, and have to take care of each other, for survival. Our small world has been getting bigger and the global environment makes as a One Global Humanity. “I am just a human being, one of 7 billion on this planet”

Compassion is not to be mixed with Empathy which is to put yourself into another shoes, understand their feelings and have concern for them, Sympathy is to feel their pain, feel sorry for someone.

The practical meaning

An Emotional Intelligence is a new discipline and is taught in Schools. There are various aspects according to Dr. Daniel Goleman, who wrote the first book on the topic, in the middle of last century.

Obs. Compassion is an important part of Empathy, or is it all?

Harvard Business Review has had much focus on “Emotional Intelligence” and there are many books about that, and a collection with this name emphasize these concepts:

Empathy, Authentic Leadership, Happiness, Influence and Persuasion, Resilience and Mindfulness., and compassion is a part of it all.

Four Reasons Why Compassion Is Better For Humanity Than Empathy

Rasmus Hougaard

Rasmus Hougaard is a mindfulness and compassion researcher from Denmark. He has written several books on the topic and is working for leading companies worldwide.

According to Rasmus empathy is limited to one group of people for instance your family, but compassion is more broader concept. It is more than a feeling, it is also to take action.

“Compassion, on the other hand, is more constructive. It starts with empathy and then turns outward, with an intent to help. With compassion, leaders make the conscious choice to turn emotion into action. And in doing so, compassionate leaders are perceived as stronger and more competent, able to make decisions and get things done. And, compassion in an organization triggers other positive outcomes: improved collaboration, trust and team loyalty.”

So what is Compassion?

As the Yogrishi Baba Ramdev said, it is to “give your love to the world”, in its altruistic meaning.